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Harley Mechanic in Valdosta, Georgia

A Harley is a great brand of motorcycle that you wouldn’t let just any mechanic work on. When it comes to repairs and maintenance for your fine machine, insist on a professional certified Harley Davidson mecahnic who’s experienced, qualified and skilled, like the experts at Groundshakers V-Twin Customs. 

Serving South Georgia and North Florida for over 28 years, Groundshakers V-Twin Customs is an independent shop who gives you service and results that surpasses the dealer in results and costs. We can help you with all of your maintenance and repair needs, quickly solving your issues and getting your Harley road worthy again. We commonly handle work such as transmissions and engine rebuilds, electrical diagnostics and tuning, tire replacements, custom modifications, paint jobs, powder coating, brake replacements and more. 

At Groundshakers V-Twin Customs, we recommend that you bring in your Harley for routine maintenance from a qualified Harley mechanic to prevent small problems from growing into bigger ones. Another wise time for maintenance is before you go on a long riding tour, to avoid breakdowns while you’re on the road. Keeping your motorcycle in good shape is the best way to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

In addition to Harley mechanic services, we also carry many parts and accessories for your motorcycle. We also offer Roadside Service, Emergency Towing, Insurance Claims, Restorations, Frame and Suspension Repair and even Bike Detailing.

Groundshakers V-Twin Customs is committed to maintaining their excellent reputation by continuing to provide customers with high quality repairs and maintenance. As experts in the industry for over 28 years, you can count on us to take our time to carefully evaluate your Harley and give it the attention it deserves. What’s more is we’ll also take the time to explain the work being completed and provide estimates as necessary.

Give us a call today about your Harley motorcycle repair and maintenance needs!
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